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Action (159)

Action games like battles, shooting, space ...


Breakout (105)

the game, a layer of bricks lines the top third of the screen. A ball travels across the screen, bouncing off the top and side walls of the screen. When a brick is hit, the ball bounces away and the brick is destroyed. The player loses a turn when the ball touches the bottom of the screen. To prevent this from happening, the player has a movable paddle to bounce the ball upward, keeping it in play.


Match3 (95)

Match 3 or three-in-a-row games are a type of casual puzzle games. The major task consists in forming lines/chains/groups of 3 or more identical elements. Traditionally, the board is square-patterned and filled with various tiles that one must shift, select or rotate.


Pacman (78)

The player guides the titular Pac-Man through a maze to eat Pac-Dots; when all dots are eaten, Pac-Man is taken to the next stage. Four ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde roam the maze, trying to catch Pac-Man - if a ghost touches him, a life is lost. When all lives have been lost, the game ends.


Race & Cars (134)

Racing games are a video game genre in which the player participates in a racing competition. They may be based on anything from real-world racing leagues to fantastical settings.


Traffic Jam (14)

An object is stuck within other obstacles. The goal is to move the obstacles so the object will find the way out.

Adventures (146)

An adventure game is a video game in which the player assumes the role of a protagonist in an interactive story driven by exploration and/or puzzle-solving.


Cards (133)

A card game is any game using playing cards as the primary device with which the game is played, be they traditional or game-specific.


Hidden Objects (65)

A hidden object game (sometimes called hidden picture) is a genre of puzzle video game in which the player must find items from a list that are hidden within a picture.


Maze (54)

Maze game is a game in which the entire playing field was a maze. Quick player action is required to escape monsters, outrace an opponent, or navigate the maze within a time limit.


Pinball (60)

Pinball is a game in which a player presses two buttons on each side of a pinball machine in order to hit a small ball to the top of the machine. The aim of the game is to prevent the ball reaching the bottom of the machine by pressing the buttons.


Snake (59)

Snake is the common name for a video game concept where the player maneuvers a line which grows in length, with the line itself being a primary obstacle.


Wordpuzzles (78)

ny game involving the formation, discovery, or alteration of a word or words.

Balls & Blocks (158)

Varia of balls and blocks games like Zuma-like ... Other balls & blockgames are tetris, breakout, collapse, match3 in their own category.


Collapse (103)

In the collapse game, the goal is to remove blocks of the same color from the playfield as fast as possible.


Jigsaw & Slides (88)

Jigsaw is a
puzzle consisting of small irregularly cut pieces that are to be fitted together to form a picture.


Memory (132)

Memory games require to match similar elements: pictures, cards, sounds by using the memory of the player.


Plumber (48)

In t
he plumber game there are two types of pipes: one is straight and the other is curved. All pipes can rotate freely, and the final point is to connect the inlet and outlet.


Quiz (67)

A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which players attempt to answer questions correctly about a certain or variety of subjects.


Sokoban (47)

A computer puzzlegame , devised in 1980 and frequently reimplemented, in which the player must push boxes to designated locations under a set of movement constraints. Origin: Japan.


Boulderdash (11)

Boulder Dash, is a 2D puzzle video game released in 1984 by First Star Software for Atari 8-bit computers. It was created by Canadian developers Peter Liepa and Chris Gray. The player controls Rockford, who must dig through caves collecting gems and diamonds and reach the exit within a time limit, while avoiding various types of dangerous creatures as well as falling rocks and the constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalanche, or killed by an underground explosion.


Mahjong (189)

Mahjong solitaire is puzzle game based on the same tiles. The goal is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. The game is finished when all pairs of tiles have been removed from the board or when there are no exposed pairs remaining.


Puzzles (101)

Puzzle games focus on logical and conceptual challenges and also on puzzle solving as its primary gameplay activity. Completing each puzzle will usually lead to a more difficult challenge.


Sport (169)

A sports game is a video game genre that simulates the practice of sports.


Tetris (126)

A puzzle video game in which falling tetrominoes must be manipulated to form complete lines, which are then cleared from the grid.


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